10.06.2011- Weekend Wishes

Friday, 10 June 2011

This weekend, I wish I had the funds to buy this beautiful new addition to the Mulberry family, as seen in the Fall 2011 campaign...

Mulberry Fall 2011 Campaign by Tim Walker.
Mulberry Polly Push Lock Bag in Conker, £850.
What do you think of the Mulberry Polly? And what are your wishes for this weekend?

(Image credit: fashiongonerogue and Mulberry.)


  1. I love everything Mulberry puts out, this bag is no exception! xoxo

  2. Fab campaign, I love Tim Walker's images. Bag looks cute, though I prefer the really capacious ones - this is a bit dinky for me (though the big ones cost a small mortgage!). Do you know about the Mulberry sale shop in York?? they have really good discounts, even on current styles. All best wishes Sarah

  3. It's such a strong campaign this year! And, the fox is real! I promise!

  4. ahh lust!! that bag is gorgeous

    stop by sometime<3

  5. Wow, I've never been the greatest Mulberry fan but the Polly may well have converted me!
    My wish for this weekend is that the weather makes its mind up! xx

  6. Oh, it is beautiful... sadly I'm still lusting after the Alexa, but I'd happily take this. :)

  7. Mixed thoughts really, I do like the colour of it but I'm not sure this bag as special as others in the same price range.


  8. I love this campaign! The bag is gorgeous, as all Mulberry bags are, but I am not sure the color would suit me too well. I love this post!


  9. that bag is to die fooor! it's gorgeous and i love the colour! pity about the £850 price tag. if only it was £8.50 eh? :P love your blog :) folliwing! ronan x

  10. omg what is it with mulberry and their most lust worthy bags ever. this is a real gem =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  11. The Polly is such a gorgeous, classic design! I love it. And this weekend we celebrated my sister's birthday! Hope you had a great weekend :)

    sorelle in style

  12. I want it, so cool!
    xo from germany, i love your blog.

  13. That bag is finee. It seems the most appropriate word- not quite hot, but vintage and glamorous and yum :p

  14. I Love this! I haven't seen this new style before, but I think I like it more than the Alexa, and that's saying something x


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